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Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Wish

Hey all,

As promised I am posting another birthday poem. I wanted to do something positive this year. Last years poem wasn't exactly sparkling in its positivity. This year I wanted to pick a moment that captured the possibility of the new year while you could reflect on what happened the past year. So I picked the moment when you blow out your candles.

For me that is the point when you are thinking about what is to come and what has past. Where last year meets this year. Where what you did meets what you will do. Anyway, enjoy the poem and I'll be back tomorrow.

My Wish

I draw a deep breath,

To be gathered in lung,

Preparing to blow,

My birthdays now begun.

We are gathered together,

To hear a happy song sung.

I've grown a year older,

But still feel so young.

A birthday wish is held,

Flickering at candles wick,

Snuffing out the flame,

To capture it the trick.

With so many choices,

What wish should I pick,

Now the songs nearly over,

I must think quick.

They've come to the end,

And sang the final line,

I close my eyes,

And pray for the divine.

Holding the wish in my mind,

If spoken aloud its chances decline.

Now exhale my breath,

And the candles flame resign.

Gathered friends now cheer,

And clap their hands.

The cake is cut,

At the crowds demands.

I've cast my wish,

With the best of plans.

Now I must wait,

To see where it stands.

If my wish comes true,

My dream I'll gladly receive.

If it fails to pass,

Then I've just been naive.

As my birthday draws close,

And gathered friend take leave,

I look back on the year,

And all I did achieve.

Another year gone by,

And the stories I've tended,

Of the times we've shared,

And the people befriended.

I've grown in my heart,

My hope and dreams have ascended.

And though the year is over,

My wish is unended.

End of Line.

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