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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Chapter 34

Billy could still hear Katee crying. It hadn't been easy killing Claire like that, but better by their hand than turning into one of them. The likelihood was that Reny probably wouldn't even make it to the train to see his baby, let along realize that Claire had died. Billy gathered up his rucksack and rifle and met Billy at the window.

It was almost time to make for the train, and while it had been quiet downstairs, they hadn't heard any gunshots from Reny in a while either. Root and Billy didn't say a word as they picked up the last of the supplies, Billy looking at Katee as she wiped the tears from her face. She had strapped the scattergun over her shoulder and had the pistol in her holster, Reny's last child in her arms.

"I'm ready."

Root led the way out the window and across the balcony. There were no signs of the creatures as he dropped to the street. Billy looked at the strange black sun lower against the western sky as he lowered Katee and the baby to Root's waiting arms, then dropping down himself. The three made their way along the side of the street, sticking to the shadows, heading towards the center of town and the train.

As they approached the depot, Billy could hear the first sounds of the trains whistle and he knew that it would attract the undead. It was important to get to the depot first and create a defensible position if they were going to have any chance of getting on board alive.

They reached the depot without meeting any of the creatures, much to their surprise and took up positions inside the clerks office. The office had been destroyed and signs of a fight were evident, the telegraph had been destroyed and there were blood splatters over the floors and walls. The group watched through teh windows for any sign of the creatures as the sounds of the train grew closer.


Sheriff Root had spotted it first, a lone straggler shuffling their direction, but more soon followed behind. Root brought up his rifle and took aim, but held his shot. There were so many....more and more the creatures streamed into the street, coming from the direction that Reny had gone.

"Look, all we have to do is hold out a few minutes, then we can break for the train and get the fuck out of here."

Root had tried to remain optimistic, but the three tired survivors knew the score. There were to many. Still Root took aim as the first of the creatures lumbered forth and fired. Katee bundled the baby of the floor in the corner and joined in, her revolver sounding shot after shot. Soon the dead began to pile in front of the small depot as each member hurriedly loaded and reloaded, shot after shot.


Billy peeled his eyes from the carnage in front of him to see the the train steaming at full speed. There was no sight of the engineer attempting to break as the train approached the station.


Root continued to fire into the masses as Billy turned back to grab his bag. That's when he heard Katee scream. Both men turned around to see Reny Cargill in the depots rear doorway, bloody and torn.

"Where is my daughter?"

End of Line.

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