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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hey all,

I wanted to throw up a bonus post today. Doing two chapters on this serial was a lot more work than I am use to on the blog. I approach my Flash Fiction on the blog a little different than most that may be writing. I don't like to write the posts more than one day in advance, I feel the spontaneity of each entry is compromised when I plan out to far. I write the posts over the course of a Tuesday and Wednesday, usually taking breaks and returning to them several times over the course of the two days. this is opposed to the shorted Dead Sun posts which I usually write in an hour or so. Sometimes less.

I mean I have the plot pretty mapped out but I leave a lot of room for side trips. These last two posts for instances I actually had designed to be just one, with the lead in for next weeks planned in as well. Its just showing how much more I have expanded on the mythos of the world. I like knowing that over the course of the week I may be adding or subtracting ideas as new ones come, I don't want to stymie creativity. The only real notes I keep are jotted down on a few crib sheets, and major plot ideas I keep in my head. Cementing something on paper could put me in a corner, and I want all my options.

At any rate despite the work, I really had a great time posting these up. I like doing this serial a lot. I'll be back tomorrow with a new post, I still have a lot of topics I want to cover this month so hopefully there will be new material everyday for the next week or so. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

End of Line.

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