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Monday, October 06, 2008

Up to the Sky

Hey all,

Not much preamble to this one. So many people around work are dealing with the emotional fallout of our friend Frank's suicide that I tried to channel some of the emotion that has been running through everyone into a poem. I tried to stick with the same rhymes to keep the same beats through the poem in an attempt to convey emotion. I don't know if the poem is good or not, I tried writing on emotion rather than have a real constructive process to the formation of rhyming or cadence. Whether I was successful doesn't really matter to me, I just wanted to write a poem that people can know was for my friend, and for the people that he affected. Regardless of how close we were, he was still a part of my fraternity.

Anyway, this poem is for Frank.

Up to the Sky

How many ways can I say goodbye,

Can I even still give it a try?

I can't suffer another lie,

Or shed another tear to cry.

I know not what to say,

Or how out this life will play.

Each answer comes its own way,

Arriving with the brand new day.

I had no clue your heart was reeling,

Or the pressures which you were dealing.

Those still here seek healing,

Some find comfort in God through kneeling.

Yet tomorrow comes with plans to try,

That the challenges of life will ply.

The path to happiness rests on the high,

But I know not why you had to die.

Now I'm left, the price you pay,

These troubled feelings you can't allay.

Along the road of life you stray,

Tensions crested until they fray.

Had your life mounted to the ceiling?

Could I have seen your resolve peeling?

You did such a fine job of concealing,

All of the pain that you were feeling.

Your life may have fell awry,

But I'll remember without a sigh,

The sparkling laughter in your eye,

Every time I look up to the sky

Thanks Frank.

End of Line.

1 comment:

Billy said...

Hey man, I'm really sorry to hear about your friend. Suicides are always so confusing. Especially when concerning people we never saw as sad or depressed. I hope you're ok and I liked your poem.