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Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Bad Day

Hey all,

I had a really bad day today. It was my first day back in store from my vacation this past week (I had a couple of days of teaching class so that kind of held me out a little longer than usual). At any rate I walked into a complete cluster fuck. Missing cash, broken equipment, poor results, and poorer shift management. It was simply my assistant dropping the ball with the execution of running the business.

So needless to say I am grumpy as shit all day and the more I dig around the store, the angrier I get. He simply did not execute his action plan like he should have and he knows how to do the job. There is really no excuse. Its so bad I asked my boss to come in and help me out with him tomorrow.

I spent most of the day running around the store cleaning up stuff and repairing equipment and I took care of most of it for the main part. I hope to fix some of the cash tomorrow as well. The worst part came when I had to run out for some shorted product and I got in a car accident. Specifically a hit and run. The mother fucker hit my car, backed up, then hit it again as he peeled away. The damage isn't severe, but its enough that I am going to have to pay my deductible, and I really don't have that kind of scratch right now you know? It like 750 bucks.

Add that to the trouble I have been having sleeping at night and the fact that we haven't had hot water in the house for two days because the water heater was on the fritz. At least my Dad managed to walk me through some trouble shooting tonight top get it to work.

I just feel overwhelmed and exhausted and I don't know what to do with all of this emotion. I don't feel like I can dump my problems off on anyone or really talk it out. I feel really alone at work, like I am the only one trying to get things accomplished. Between my brother staring his family and both my parents moved away, I'm the last one holding the bag and today it feels really heavy.

On a more positive note I will try to post up some Halloween notes tomorrow and my review of Zach and Miri Make a Porno on Saturday or Sunday. I actually caught a free sneak preview earlier this week but I didn't want any early reviews going up before the films release. Stay tuned and i am always open to some feedback, especially if anyone wants to comment on any of the Flash Fiction that's gone up. Thanks for letting me rant about my problems.

End of Line.

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