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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Chapter 33

Billy looked at the group of ragged survivors. Root seemed to be holding up well enough still, but the rest didn't look as good. Katee was weary, her hands shaking every time she glanced at Reny or Claire. Claire lay curled in a ball at her fathers feet as he caressed his baby. Reny was streaked with blood and cuts, and Katee had already told him of the bite marks she had seen on both of them.

"Listen.. we can't stay here and we can't ignore what we know."

Billy looked meaningfully at Root and Reny.

"We are gonna have to make for the train. Its the only chance we got of gettin' out of town and gettin' to some help. We stay here we are gonna die. The longer we wait... well let's be fuckin' honest here Reny, your gonna turn into one of them. We seen the marks."

Reny held his baby tightly, tears streaking down his face. He slowly lowered himself to pull his other daughter even closer.

"I.....know. Look... I'll draw them away from the store.... just....just promise me that you'll keep my babies safe."

Katee, tears flowing down her face, slowly lowered herself down to Reny's level. She reached out and took the baby from his arms. Reny, slowly giving the daughter away, reached out to Claire afterward, drawing her close as well.

In the embrace he looked up to Katee, Billy, and Root.

"Look, I don't know when this will happen. But I will fight it with all my being to meet you at the train. I want to see my daughters off safely and if it comes down to it...if I become one of them.... don't you fucking hesitate."

The three of them nodded as Reny pushed his daughter away. She was already growing fevery and flushed, sweat on her brow. Katee took her hand and led her to the bedroom, the little girl never making a sound.

Reny picked himself up, and strapped on his gun belt and grabbed his rifle. He checked his ammunition and put on his hat, then went out the door to the balcony. He looked back over his shoulders.

"I'll see you in 20 minutes."

With that, he hopped over the railing, and ran towards the undead.

End of Line.

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