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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thought Balloon!

Hey all!

I wanted to drop a line about how much fun I have been having writing the Darkest Dawn. This is the first time I have written for the blog a story that didn't feel like work. Under a Dead Sun is great, but that is a story I had written in my head long before I got to it on paper. With Dawn, I have the general outline established as to where it is going to go, but each week I sit down at the computer and write and it takes me to a different place than I previously thought. I like that I know the destination, but not the journey.

Truth be told, I am excited to be amping up these final Dead Sun chapters as well. Knowing that there are so few chapters left makes me happy to know that I am going to complete something I started a long time ago. That blogger has the function to label and that I can go back and easily read each chapter is even better.

I have even begun pre-work on my next set of stories to see if there is anything to them. Currently I am tossing around a time travel storyline, and if I can wrangle up a good McGuffin, that may be something to look forward to next month.

End of Line.

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