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Friday, October 24, 2008


Hey all,

Last night was a McDonalds manager get together. The first one that I have ever organized so its success was solely on my shoulders. Our McDonalds gatherings have been fairly hit or miss, anytime we have gotten together on social situations over the past few years the party goers have been pretty critical of the event. I was happy to hear that so many people had such a good time. In fact many people told me it was the best outing we have had in a long while.

Our first stop was the Native New Yorker. We pulled in for company paid for appetizers, a wide range of french fries, buffalo wings, veggies, jalapeno poppers, and the like with refreshments. The food going section of the party went okay. People tend to fall into their little inner social cliques and I don't really have a clique within the structure. I just sort of fit into whatever situation is going on and get along with many of the team. Hey, I get along with everyone!

After the eats we headed over to a place called Fear Farm. It's a series of 5 corn mazes, 4 of which are haunted. Everyone had so much fun, including me. I have never been through a corn maze before, or a haunted house for that matter so each experience was new to me.

The first activity we turned into a team building event, sending 3 different teams of managers through the un-haunted maze with 2 members of the support staff. Then we blindfolded the rest of the team with the idea that at each checkpoint they could remove one blind fold, but that didn't last. After getting severely lost and finding only one checkpoint, we cashed in the blindfolds and proceeded to find a path out.We came in second but everyone had a great team and enjoyed the sense of team work that came from the event. To be honest we were lost in that corn for a good 45 minutes! Both my bosses were on my team and each of them liked the steady stream of jokes I kept up throughout, so that was a bit of a bonus.

After that we did each of the 4 themed mazes, an Insane Asylum, A Clown theme, a sort of Hills Have Eyes theme, and a traditional Children of the Corn complete with Headless Horseman. Everyone had such a fun time getting scared, and I kept my stream of jokes up musch to every ones delight. I really liked the Children of The Corn theme, they had some good shock moments with chainsaw wielding crazies and our own team jumping out with surprises.

I watched as one member of our team sneaked around one of the buildings built in the corn to wait on the opposite wall to scare us. Watching this I followed him around to scare him before he could strike. It was great fun and I would definitely go again.

At the end of the 5 mazes we all hung around the lot listening to music and talking, some of us even heading back to the bar for additional drinks, though I limited myself to 2 drinks as I had to babysit my niece this morning. Overall I would recommend this experience to anyone looking to have some fun with a group of people. Teams of three or more really seemed to be a good size to maximize the scares. That and solving a maze puzzle seemed really cool!

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