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Friday, October 17, 2008

Missing in Action..

Hey all,

Okay I did it. I missed completely my first deadline. I should have posted new Flash Fiction for The Darkest Dawn like 2 days ago, and yet this is the first time I have cracked the PC since Monday morning. Regardless there has been a ton of stuff going on at work gearing up for another big inspection, that has caused me to run over on my time and as a result, not post up.

Thursday also had me serving at a charity function late into the night. One of the local High Schools was engaging the community and many neighboring schools in a town hall event. This had over 1200 students and family members attending the event to learn about options for post high school education. Needless to say, our patch of stores was called on to cater the event. Mostly I was on delivery and pickup duty, gathering product and delivering it to the school. It felt good to help out the community. That was a hell of a lot of kids to feed!

Today I got a surprise visit from my boss who spent like 9 hours in my restaurant. So that didn't work out as planned. I left late and didn't get what I needed done accomplished. He did drop the fact that we would potentially be testing a new menu item. As you may or may not know, working at McDonalds you get to test certain items out to see how they could fare throughout the country. Phoenix is a high percentage Big Mac mover, well over national normals. We under perform in the new snack wraps. The concept is to combine the two with a Big Mac Snack Wrap. Half a slice of quarter pound hamburger, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a tortilla. Sounds gross... tastes really good surprisingly. We will see if that rolls out.

Anyway here is the plan for the next few days. Tomorrow is my birthday and I will post up some new work for that day. Sunday is new Flash Fiction with Under a Dead Sun. Monday will roll out with my take on Weezer's concert tomorrow. Tuesday will reflect my visit to the fair, and then Wednesday and Thursday will be double doses of The Darkest Dawn to make up for my shoddy posting schedule. Stay tuned...

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