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Sunday, June 10, 2007

TV Guide

Hey all!

thought I would do a quick post on the end of the regular TV season. There are so many good shows that without a DVR i don't think anyone could keep up with them all.
Let's start off with the good.
Heroes- That's how you build a series. A solid stretch of episodes in the season. It gave us both questions and answers and kept you wanting more the entire time. I did feel the that the final battle with Sylar was a little weak, I was really looking for a powerful showdown, like the hinted in the Days of Future Past episode a few weeks previous. I still thought though that they set up next season with just enough to keep you amped for more, but gave you enough closure that you feel sedated by it. I can't wait for the next season. Coupled with that the Heroes: Origins mini series that is supposed to take place this summer, that should significantly increase my anticipation with a slate of new characters that may get added to the ongoing show. That's a great ideas swiped straight out of the comic books!

Lost- I came to Lost late, I didn't get into the series until about a month before season 3 started. I watched all of season 1 and 2 on DVD, and I personally think that season 3 was the strongest. It gave you much needed answers, why Locke was in the wheelchair, where those fucking polar bears came from, who the Others really are, Ben's secret origin. As well it posed more questions, who is Jacob, what is the smoke monster, how can Locke heal so easily on the island, is Juliet really a good guy, how is Walt back? All great questions. And the killer season ending with the island sequences being flashbacks and the scenes with jack being real time.. WOW that threw me for a loop.
I was sad to see so many character losses this season, Charlie, especially as he had really become a great character. I think I understand why they wrote him out though.. he had come full circle and found redemption on the island.. just like Eko. They really couldn't take his character anywhere but backwards. Besides thsi opens up the exploration of these new characters, Juliet, Ben, Desmond. 2008 can't come to soon!

I also thought that BattleStar Galactica had a great season finale. In sitcom news I really want to see more of My Name is Earl (good cliffhanger!) The Office (most painfully funny show on TV) and How I Met Your Mother.

The bad.
The series ending of my beloved Gilmore Girls. Such a bold and well written show that really transcended its CW stereotype. I am truly sad to see it end.

Veronica Mars. As I last read it was cancelled and unless the network goers with the flash forward to Veronica's CIA days.. I think the shows done. That's a damn shame too.. its smart, witty, and so acerbic... they don't make shows like this on TV.. for me it was a better version of TVs Buffy the Vampire Slayer.. less fan boy and more real life appeal.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip- A smart show brought to you by the guy who makes smart shows, Aaron Sorkin... this should have been a success, smart scripts, good actors, a good time slot.. and its failed... I have been enjoying the finals episodes that they are airing on Thursdays now.. but it just seems like they paid good money for the episodes and they are airing them as they have nothings better on then. Oh well.

I've also bitched enough about Fox cancelling Drive. Fox has so little that appeals to me anymore.. without the Simpsons or Family Guy I don't think I'd watch the network at all. I must be one of the few who really HATES American Idol..

Anyway that's my TV update....
Hope to post another True Story Time in a few days....Oh and I added a link to Penny-arcade.. a really funny webcomic that I enjoy.. I am gonna add a few other website s that are part of my daily routine...keep an eye out.

End of Line.

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