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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Daily Grind

Hey all....

Another post in a quick span, doing much better this month. My goal was at least 8 posts this mnth to make up for the lack of posting in May so I think we are on a good track.

Dropped of my resume the other day and was hoping for an interview, but Bed, Bath and Beyond said they would pass my resume along. Carmen, my good friend Bill's wife, manages one in Flagstaff and she really likes it. My thinking is that its less hours with better money then I'll like it too. I also know that worse case scenario once I'm out of McDonalds for 6 months I can go to work for McDonalds product distributors. I have an in there with my former boss who said he would take me in an instant. I just need to get the hell out. I really hate my job right now.

I am also going to check out a tattoo parlor today. A tattoo is something that I have thought about for years but I could never committ to anything that I want to have on my body forever. If I had gotten a tattoo 10 years ago I would probably have a Dragonball Z or terrible late 90's comic book tattoo, things I would hate today. Looking now, my tastes have changed and I realized that art, or a piece of art you like would probably maintain its appeal years later. I have really been digging on an artist named Tara McPherson the last year or so and she has a great piece called Tree Girl that would look killer as a tattoo. I'm definately going with it on my leg, as it provides a postion to conceal or display itself by whatever pants you wear.

I think i'm having an early mid-life crisis. I drive a sports car, I'm changing jobs, getting tattoos, going to concerts.. all a big change of pace from the last few years of rested docility.

Anyway thats about it for today...

End of Line.

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