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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Shallow Little Heart

Happy June!

Wow.. May was a crazy month for me. Its no excuse not to post regularly I know, and I don't want to cite the usual suspect in my 70 hour work week, so let's get down to business.

May saw a lot of really cool things happening, along with a big bad.

Let's get the bad thing out of the way. Work. This month has been especially had as we got a new regional manager and the two of us don't see eye to eye on too many things. The big problem I have is with his people skills, or his lack thereof. My boss, this new regional manager and myself were all in my store and with the three of us standing together, he would tell my supervisor to tell me how he wanted things, instead of saying things to my face, despite the fact that we were right beside each other. There are about 50 other reasons we don't get along, mostly because our styles are so different. I could deal with prick bosses, I've done it before, what I don't like is the disrespectful way he talks to my managers and my crew.

We argue so much that I started looking for anther job. I just realized I really hate coming to work, hate it so much that anything else would be better. I have my first job interview on Tuesday and I gotta say that I am a little nervous. Its been almost 15 years since I interviewed for a job and its going to mean a big lifestyle change going into a new environment. But I am really excited and I am looking forward to an opportunity to try something fresh, hell I figure that I could probably make some more cash at it too. I'll keep you posted.

I have a lot of other things that I am going to work into columns this month, just a few are the end of the TV season, summer blockbuster results so far (I have hit the big three so far but I want to wait a little into June before commenting) the summer concerts I have seen this year, and tomorrows column on the pop culture trivia contest I entered today.

I thought though for the rest of the column I would post another poem.. this one has been sitting in the banks for about a month or so and I just capped it today. Hope you enjoy.

Shallow Little Heart

It's a long way home,

And I hate the way I feel.

Left abroad these roads I roam.

Holding back from all that's real.

I want so bad to make this change.

But can't let myself go this far away.

When every target seems out of range.

I can't live or die this same old way.

Along this path there must be a way out.

To find leave from these fears new found cause.

With bravery unbound to survive once fatal rout.

And to finally leave behind all of me that once was.

To wade from that favored shore.

No more alone to find that new start.

Away from that which once did whore.

And plunge to depth this shallow little heart.

End of Line.

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