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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pop Culture Palooza!

As promised, I'm posting today on the pop culture tournament I entered yesterday. I had a lot of fun with the contest. It was done in the vein of the World Series of Pop Culture, with 3 man teams competing with each other for a grand prize of $250.00. Our team consisted of my friend Bill, who drove in from about 2 hours away from Flagstaff, Autumn, my roommates girlfriend, and myself. My brother was going to entered but backed out at the last minute.

I was given a late start time by the employees at the comic book store that I go to so we were the last ones there, and I think that's why we had to play two times in the first round. Autumn bailed us out on the first game where I got eliminated early, pulling cast members of the TV show Cheers out of the depth of her knowledge. She also owned the second player on both boy bands AND 80's fashion. She was great.

Bill decided as the member with the most limited amount of pop culture trivia he would take the bullets on categories that we didn't feel confident on. He had some tough categories in sports, admittedly the weakest area of our collective game. I did pretty good the second game of the first round until we got to the final tiebreaker, members of Van Halen's real name. I knew 4 of the 7 known members, unfortunately my opponent knew 6.

I'm okay to losing on a music category, I wanted Autumn and Bill in there t handle those rounds but fate didn't have it set up that way. We STILL had a great time and I am really looking forward to trying again in a few months when they start the next round. Our team, The Wizard's Sleeve will ride again!

They also had a Guitar Hero 2 tournament the same night that I entered. There was a $5.00 entry fee, with the proceeds going to the Hero Initiative, a program that helps some of the Golden and Silver Age comic book creators financially, as many of them didn't have the same benefits and royalty agreements that today's creators do. Skill wasn't the only category to take into consideration, as the ability to "Rock Out" could add much needed points to your total. Things like rock stance, jumping, behind the head playing and kicking over chairs all added points, as well as power slides and apparently Prince-style phallic gestures all added points. I hit second place, getting beat by a REALLY good player. I suck on expert and he was doing sections of the song ONE HANDED!!! Hell he had tracks so memorized that he would turn his back to the screen and play them. The grand prize was a Fender Strat guitar, but it was fun to just play.

The only other thing of note that we did yesterday was to buy Airsoft Guns on our lunch break. Somehow shooting each other in the parking lot of a mini mall with air pellets seemed like a good idea. Bill bough was is essentially the gun from the video game Metal Gear Solid, complete with attached flashlight and laser sight. Jason got a replica 45, which definitely has the most punch of the three. I got a sawed off pump action shotgun, complete with laser sight, flashlight and scope, grand total for all three was about $40. Not bad for some stupid fun. Jason thinks that if anything they will make for good reference material.

Well that about sums up my Saturday. Hope to have another post up real soon!

End of Line.

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eltoromuerto said...

Hey BB....It is a 9mm replica! I already had a 45 and a little Midnight Special. Not to mention the 44 Magnum pellet gun Bill got got me! You know for someone against real guns, I sure do have a lot of fake ones.
Just color me hypocrite. :)