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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Inked In...

Hey all!

This will mark my 11th post for me this month. I'm much happier with my consistency this month... let's hope that I can keep up the tradition into July.

The big update is that I finally broke down and got a tattoo! I know my brother thought that I was all talk and would never go through with it. Yet here I am. I got a great image from Tara McPherson that I mentioned in my earlier post. I attached the basic picture here on the blog so that everyone can see. It's on the right side of my right leg and stretches from just under the knee to the top of my ankle.

I'll admit I was a bit concerned as to the amount of pain that it would cause.. and I think my estimation was about right.. it didn't feel good! But I think I did okay. Well okay, I did probably yelp and curse more than I would have cared to admit. Though no tears! My friend Bill made a good point, as I figured that if a girl could do it without crying.. I should be able too.. I'm a man for God's sake! Bill said that men are built for blunt pain.. punching impact injuries.. By nature of well nature girls are built better or sharp pains.. i.e. child birth, something I have often referred to as containing sharp pains. One thing that seemed strange to everyone is that I found the opposite things to be true in regards to what hurt more. The outline (what I was told would be the worst) was okay.. I flinched a few times around the top of the ankle and let few expletives out. The shading, which mos people told me wasn't bad, sucked the most. Lots of quick sharp pains. They also said that it would hurt over the next few days but it really hasn't unless I hit it hard against something.Bill didn't get one, though he has an appointment next week to take care of his in Flagstaff.

My tattoo artist was really excited by the subject matter and the chance to do the piece. I really can't wait for the redness to go away so I can see what it will really look like. We added some shading (something my art major friend Jason was against) as the tattoo looked incomplete without it.. not quite right. Here's hoping that I am 100% right as time passes on. Hell.. let's hope that I don't regret it as time goes on!! So the attached image is pretty much dead on with the little bit of light gray shading. It's too red right now to really notice any of it though!

Caught a few more movies that I hope to hit up on the next post along with more info on a possible new job. Thanks.

End of Line.

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