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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Assorted Nuts...

Hey all.

Haven't gotten a good read on my next poem yet but I thought I would relate a few small items.

Registered for the San Diego Comic Con yesterday. I have been to every con in San Diego except one since 1992. I am a huge comic book buff and my pal Jason and I make it a point to go every year. This year especially will see some peopel in attendance that I haven't had a great chance to really meet. James Jean, Kent Williams among others. I also want to show Tara McPherson my tattoo of her work, hopefully she will like it. The tatttoo , by the way, is coming along. Most of the redness has faded and its peeling. The sading is really light and despite the need of a few touch ups, its looking pretty good.

Back to the con, autographs have been a low priority at the con the last few years, though I have a few art books and trades that I will probably take. Mostly I will be on the lookout for new trades or art books that I don't have. Also pehaps a few foreign trades of interest. I picked up a great looking western book called Angela from Olivere Vatine and Daniel Pecqueur from France. It has really great visual story telling and flow, and I find it a good tool to help with pacing and flow. If you can convey a story without the words, its a really good feat. I'll be on the lookout for more.

Jason, who is close to signing a deal to do some inking, has let me do some more fills for the next project he is working on. I am really appreciative of him trusting me enoough to help out. I am not fool enough to think that I am doing something that he couldn't do with greater aplomb or skill, but that he lets me help is awesome. To be imvolved, even slightly, in the process of creating a comic book, something that has been a big part of my life for so long, is really awesome. I can't wait to get some more work.

Been trying to fill the rest of my time reading, bought a large cache of science fiction books and the like and have been belting through them. I can speed read and sometimes I can plow through a book too fast. Of the 10 books I have picked up over the last three weeks, I am down to 2, a couple of Hellboy novels that I wanted to save for San Diego next month, I just underestimated how quickly I would get through the other 8. I know that I am not so foolish as to think that I won't have the 7th Harry Potter finished ( I already pre-ordered it) within the first day. (It ships on the 21st...yeah.. geek) I do recommend checking out James Rollins if you are a Dan Brown or Clive Cussler fan of action adventure.

My brother and Jason also signed me up for a MySpace account. I don't know if I should keep it up as I don't think I have the desire to maintain two websites.. Anyone have any suggestions?

That about sums up these quick hits.... look forward to posting again soon.

End of Line.


eltoromuerto said...

Eh,... what's the harm in keeping it? I mean you don't have to update it with anything you write. Hell, I don't even put my art on the damned thing. But at least it's a way to say" what's up" to people who you don't always get to see. And if nothing else you will get loads of porn chicks trying to be your friends! With quality stuff like could you say no?

GERRAD! said...

Hrmmm... porno chicks plus me = keeper