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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Movies

Hey all.

Thought I would finally post about the summer movie rundown. Boy, what a bunch of turds.

It actually pains me to say that Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was the best one I have seen so far. My expectations were low going in and that may have helped, but considering its family based market approach, it wasn't that bad. I could have done without the scene with Mr. Fantastic in the club dancing with the girls, but it stayed solid and short, something many of the movies this summer have gotten away from. They could have beefed up the Thing's role too, but I thought they did a good job in developing the Torch, Invisible Woman, and Mr. F. The Silver Surfer was solid and Doom was much better this time around, closer to the Doom of the comics and not the first movie.

Pretty much everything else has been low average to disappointing. Pirates 3 was better than 2, but too long and too over the the top. The story rambled and it felt like they were trying to tie both Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly into a story that didn't really need them. Ocean's 13 was ALSO better than 2, but that's not saying much. Sort of 2 hours of watching a bunch of actors try to look cool and be suave, and Pacino chew through scenery like Orson Welles at a buffet. All te actors seemed bored with the movie, just like I was.

Spiderman 3 was the biggest disappointment so far. Raimi has been so solid in his first 2 I thought he had this in the bag. The film comes across like it was 2 separate movies spliced into one. The movie Raimi wanted with the Sandman, and the movie the studios wanted with Venom. The films villains needed to be fleshed out more, like they did with the Goblin and Doc Ock in the first 2. Really give them motivation behind their reasons. Venom needed to be its own movie. Peter's descent to the darker impulses should have taken a lot more time and been better built up. Not with a terribly cheesy Saturday Night Fever montage and a bad dance off at MJ's work. I expected more. Here is hoping the right the ship with 4.

Shrek 3 seemed very average too. It didn't have the range of appeal the first one had, nor and influx of really great characters like the second one. It was a movie made on coast power. People will watch it because the first 2 were good. I do know that I won't be getting it ob DVD (Yeah yeah.. I will own Spidey and Pirates 3.. I'm hoping further sequels will pay off.)

I am really hoping that Live Free or Die Hard pays off. I love the first 3 and the trailers look pretty kick ass so far. I am really ready for a shoot'em up action flick right now. I also feel that Harry Potter 5 looks strong. The Bourne Ultimatum also looks good, the first 2 in that franchise looked good. Transformers continues to plummet in stock for me, but I guess we will see.

Hope you liked the recap.

End of Line.

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