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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Concert Time : Social Distortion / Buck-O-Nine & Mustard Plug

Until this year it had been .. well a long time, my guess is around 2000 or 200, since I went to a concert. I've never been a big music guy. Oh sure,,, I mean there are tons of songs that I like and I use the hell out of my IPOD, but I have never been big on buying music or owning CDs and other than a few college years in the late 90's, I never really attended that many concerts. The last concert I went to before 2007, was Weird Al Yankovic with my brother and Dad at the AZ State Fair after my folks bitter divorce.

This year though, my friend Bill talked me into attending a show, The Swingin' Utters. A small punk rock band that has a few songs I like.. though admitedly they don't come up on the IPOD that often. I feel I should point out for reference sake that about 95% of my IPOD music came from Bill or my brother, both big CD guys. (Hell I don't even own a real CD.) Anyway we went to the show and I gotta say... I had an excellent time. A few beers and some fun music really made me glad I went.

Stemming from that incident, early in May Social Distortion was playing a show up in Flagstaff, where Bill lives. I really like Social Distortion.. they have a ton of great songs and I have always heard they tear down the house on a live show. So I drove up there for a 2 day weekend (in the middle of the week to be sure.. but it was my work weekend!) Social D put on a fucking great show playing almost all thier big hits.. though not I Was Wrong... but it was still cool as I got to hear Prison Bound and Ball and Chain.. my favorites. Hell, thier rendition of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire was GREAT! I am really glad I saw them and the next time they are coming through I am 100% gonna hit that show again. Its the only time I felt justified spending $25 on a knit hat just so I could have some reminder of when I was their,

The last show I saw was also in May, 5 bands for $12.00. The three openers were pretty boring, Mingus Dew, Captain Squeegee and the Soap Suds, and another band that escapes me now.It was just more music to drink to. The final 2 acts were Buck-O-Nine and Mustard Plug. Two great ska bands back on tour after a long hiatus. Punk and ska are typically my music of choice.. and the ska scene is pretty dreary right now so any oppertunity to support these acts were welcome. I really like Mustard Plug.. they have a huge array of songs I really like and they hit most fof the big ones.. though not my favorite.. You. Buck-O-Nine were incredible. They stuck to thier bread and butter album 28 Teeth. Peppering in other great jams like my two favorite songs,,, Water in my Head and Irish Drinking Song. The consensus was that Buck should have closed with thier energy and stage presence.. they electrified the crowd. Though don't get me wrong, Mustard Plug was awesome too.

Anyway.. there is a look at the concerts I have hit this year. Next month is Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake. Shoould be fun!

Oh.. one two more things.. it was pointed out by Jason that he actually got a replica 9mm.. not a 45 as I mesntioned in my prevous post. Also blogger spellcheck seems to be acting up right now and I can't get it to work. I am going to proofread it carefully but I don't want to retype this later so please give me a break on any spelling errors. Thanks

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