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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hey all,

I know I promised another true story time, but I promise to get to that on my next post. I wrote this poem in a splurt of inspiration tonight. I have noticed a trend melancholy and broken heartedness in my last few poems. It's a different sort of perception for me as I haven't really felt broken heartedness, but I think the topics of loneliness or sadness are pretty universal. Some of it is definitely stemming from my reflections on my unhappiness at work and in my personal life choices, some of it I think in my recent studies of some of Tara McPherson's work in her Lonely Hearts art book. Those things are common subjects in her art, and it's always a plus to go with feelings and instincts that motivate you strongly.

I tried to do some different things with structure and measure in this poem than in many of my other attempts. The reading of this poem in my mind (and I feel that each poem should be read in a measure that the reader determines) had a definite rhythm that affected how I wrote it. The commas are an intended pause in reading of the poem, sort of a tool to lend more weight to the words. It also just helped with what I feel is how the poem is presented.. to me at least.

Hope you enjoy.


Fading further from my mind.

It's getting harder to remember, all the time.

Searching for a thought I just can't, find.

I can't recall the way you, felt.

Or the fragrance of how you smelled.

It's a bitter hand I've been dealt.

I just carry on alone.

An unknown path, left to roam.

You were all I'd ever known.

These moments that we once, shared.

A hollow space devoid of all my cares,

Left wide open, every thing's been bared.

The calendar marks another day's, pass.

The memories keep tumbling out way too fast.

Like falling grains of sand in the hourglass.

I'd give anything to be back with her,

Hearken back to the way things were.

But now I'm just a victim, of erasure.

End of Line.

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