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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Poetry: Changed

Hey all,

Happy Valentine's Day! Continuing perhaps my longest tradition on the blog I have posted another Valentine's Day poem. Poetry has been really hard for me the last month or so, especially on a topic such as love. I really don't like this holiday that much as its such a reminder of how alone I am. Admittedly a large part of that is my own fault, but it still doesn't help. Seeing so many happy people out there buying flowers and candy, knowing that when they go home they will have someone waiting for them. Still I tried to channel some of that angst and other emotions into a poem that maybe someday will have resonance.

This poem is very much about how meeting one person can change your whole life. How one instant can change your whole perspective. How love can really change how you view the world. Perhaps I am a bit of a romantic, or at least I think I am, but maybe you can find a small measure of worth in the poem. If not, that's okay I'll keep trying to find a better way to express it. Thanks for reading.


There is no easy way to say,

No simple means to allay,

Of all of the things that came to be,

In all the ways you inspired me.

Since you came into my life,

The world has felt so full and rife.

That all my world until these days,

Had no color save blacks and greys.

The Sky seem to shine a brighter blue,

And the morning dawn glows a more azure hue.

The flowers I smelled had no scent,

But with you in my arms they are heaven lent.

The food that I ate had no flavor,

Yet now the tastes are ones I savor.

But most of all the world felt cold,

As I walked alone, my heart untold.

The day I met you this all changed,

In one brief second my life was re-arranged.

You gave me purpose and showed me the world,

In such a way that life seemed unfurled.

My once cold soul was flushed with cheer,

In every moment you would draw near.

My days begin when you'd arrive,

It's only then would my life thrive.

I cannot express in words or phrase,

How much better you make my days.

I cannot sing in lyrics or song,

The ways you make me belong.

To simply say I love you,

Are pale words that can't imbue,

All the depth and meaning you give,

To this life I've finally learned to live.

I'd gladly give up all the pleasures,

The colors, scents, and warmest treasures,

To spend my days in hope and try,

For the chance for you to feel as I.

So on this Valentines today,

There is no cost that I'd not pay,

Just so you will always know,

How very much I love you so.

End of Line.

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