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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Assorted Nuts

Hey guys

I was severely lax in updating this week but I thought i would drop a few notes about things on the blog. One is that I am bringing back Flash Fiction Sundays. With the shorter format of the Noir Story posts I am going to get back to what I was doing when I first started, and that is post new Flash Fiction every Sunday. That doesn't mean that I won't also post it throughout the week as well, but you will always get new Flash Fiction every Sunday, starting tomorrow.

In terms of the rest of the blog, I have noticed a slight increase in traffic which is nice! My goal this week is to catch one of the few movies I am behind on, either Angels and Demons or The Hangover for a movie update and to have a new Word Balloon column by the end of the week.

In other news next month just got super exciting! Not only will I be traveling to Florida (I'll try to drop updates) for work and the San Diego Comic Con the week after that, but a few days after my return from San Diego, I will be off to Chicago for work again! I am excited to visit places I have never been before and to do some exploring on my own through the streets of Chicago and discover a little bit about a brand new city. I was in Chicago once for work, but I never got to explore the city, this time I get two nights in town that I intend to take advantage off.

So I am going to try to get my post count back up to at least every other day on average and keep writing. I also want to point out that I will get back to The Darkest Dawn and to wrap that story up. I truthfully think that I am within 10 posts or so of finishing, its just that the posts got to be so large that they are more of short fiction, less flash fiction, and I need to start writing them over a couple of days instead of one sitting. I will finish it because I love that story. I just have been so burdened at work that the time and energy to write those just hasn't been there, but I am committed to getting that back on track.

Thanks for sticking with me to all (both?) my readers and I'll keep writing.

End of Line.

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