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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Parts of a Hole.

Yeah, I've pretty much screwed over posting this everyday. Why is the crap that you don't want to do seem to take prominece against the things you'd rather do. Screw that.

First off, I've updated my links to a good friend of mine, and quite the talented artist, click on them to the ----------------------------->

He's pretty good, though it pains to feed him any accolades at all since in 7th grade he fleeced me out of $5.00 American in 1990 money, quite the bonaza at the time I assure you. for a 11 X 17 pencil drawing of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Damn, back then those were actually cool (despite the fact that I hear they are actually greenlighting a 4th movie for them)

One is his blog, featuring much more current drawings and the other is his website, showcasing some of his work form the San Francisco Art Acadamy. The smug bastard.

Check it out.

Now hopefully a running feature of the blog, today's featurette:
Parts of a Hole-

Basically a commentary on what distracts me throughout my everyday life, the parts that fill my free time.

Maybe the best show on TV, even if its premium channel pay TV. Over the last few years I have really begun to like Westerns, which I always loathed as a kid, and this show has everything I look for in a TV show.
Cursing, nudity, making fun of the handicapped, and violence toward women. (and hey if you though that was funny, well my friend we will get along fine)
Unfortunately my brother has my DVDs and I will probably never see them again. He has had my copy of Kill Bill Like a year.
Anyway if you haven't seen it, check it out. If you don't like it I fully encourage you to leave a comment box here full, calling me a cocksucker.


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eltoromuerto said...

"violence toward women"
your a sick man. Funny and sick.