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Friday, March 31, 2006

First, Most Beautiful

Well, well, well, Looks like I have finally gotten off of my own sorry ass and started a blog. Not that I gather anyone will really care about this, I see it as more of a self exercise in getting into the habit of writing everyday. I make no claim as to being good, or even passable for that matter, but I do feel that writing something on a consistant basis is both cathartic and good practice.

See I want to write, I love the concept and creative process behind writing, but like most Americans, I have a problem. Lazyness, pure and simple. Well maybe not quite that simple, but I work close to 60 hour weeks at my unfufilling job and often don't find the time, no correction, motivation to to muster up the sheer energy that it takes to compose my random thoughts into some sort of structered form, especially with such moden conviences at my disposal; i.e. DVDs, Cable television, the interent, IPODS, gaming, the list can be rather long.

So this is my first attemt to find something beyond that, something where at least I can look back and say, "There I tried to do something."
This blog really isn't about posting these stories, or lifeevents, or whatever for the reader, but about my own attempts to grow.

Damn, that makes me sound all touchy-feely metrosexual.... not my intention I assure you. I am here to make this promise though... Following posts will deal with all kinds of things, stories, movie reviews, current interests, hell well see.


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eltoromuerto said...

start the writing sir. the audiance is listening