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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Song of Love

Hey all,

Headed back to the poetry well today with a crack at a love poem. Truthfully, I started out writing something different. I have been trying to write a poem about driving down the road alone for about a month and a half, since I took that trip to Las Vegas.

Since then I have had 2 other long car rides by myself and during the drive I come up with all kinds of great poetry ideas that I don't write down (cause I am driving). It is a particularly lonely experience and I have been trying to recapture that for a poem.

Today it just wasn't going. So I took a 180 and tried to do something more positive. I have wanted to do another love poem for a while, it has been several poems since I tried one. I hope you like it. It is sort of how someone wants to tell the world that he is in love. How the mere sound of her voice is a song he hears and wants to match it in kind. Anyway, thanks for reading.

A Song of Love

I want to say these words each day,

You've set the fires of my soul ablaze.

To place my heart on display,

And sing a tune for all your praise.

A song of love and deep devotions,

Played aloud so all my listen,

This bursting music of my emotions,

For all to know a new love is christen.

No melody can sound so sweet,

As the one that holds your voice,

Yet I shall sing a life complete,

So the world will know my choice.

All manner of songs I'd make for you,

A ballad to hold our love on high,

Or a happy song to chase the blues,

Even a cooing, soft nighttime lullaby.

For you I'd write a symphony,

That would shame the greatest composer.

A full and pleasing euphony,

Just to bring us closer.

Yet all the music on this Earth,

Can sound but a sour note,

For nothing compares to your worth,

And the voice in your sweet throat.

I'd gladly trade my others senses,

Taste and touch a simple price,

Even sight and smell are just expenses,

To hear your words my only vice.

I long for you to call my name,

Or say those words I want to hear,

Until then I can but proclaim,

Your are what I hold most dear.

End of Line.

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