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Saturday, September 06, 2008


Hey all,

I have been meaning to post another update on the designer toy scene that I have been into lately but I didn't have enough material for a worthwhile post. Truthfully I have been meaning to post this since Friday, but I was out of town for the weekend and haven't had the time.

Anyway Thursday saw the release of Kidrobot's newest toy line, Dunny Series 5 on Thursday. Great designer vinyl by some really good artists. Guys like Huck Gee, Frank Kozik, Kathy Olivas, Devilrobots, the list is REALLY long. They launched 19 different designs this time and for the first time Jason, his girlfriend Autumn, and myself went in on a case. That's 25 different toys. We had extremely great luck getting the Kozik (one of the rarest) as well as the hard to find Olivas and two hard to find Huck Gee's!. Through some deft trading at the launch party, we completed the whole set!

To be completely honest, this series isn't my favorite of the Dunny line. They usually drop 2 lines a year of Dunny's. The main series (of which this was #5) and a sub series, usually highlighting a specific genre of location, like the Los Angles series or the French series which focused on artists from those locales. Still there are a few I liked alot and it really helps fill out a very nice set. The Dunny line is only 3 inches in height, so they are small fun and collectible. Kidrobot also releases an 8 inch line, of which they usually launch one a month featuring one 8 inch by a popular artist.

The other vinyl craze around here, though not so much by me though I do like him, is vinyl artist Buff Monster and his line of vinyl from Mindstyle. It's really hard to explain his type of toy, sort of a crossbreed between Kaiju (Japanese monsters) and Ice cream, with a dash of sex thrown in. See, I said it was strange, but it also makes for some cool looking toys. I posted some pics up top, one of the Dunny Series 5, and some Buff Monster above that. Check them out! They are fun and they are art!

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