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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Chapter 29 (Part 1)

Root, Reny, and Billy began barricading the door and windows. The creatures knew that they were inside and seemed insistent to get in, driven by some kind of need to get in. Katee, Elma, and the Reny's two girls were upstairs. Elma kept the girls in the bedroom, while Katee kept watch out of the window.

Reny had started pulling boards off the floor and nailing them over the inside of the windows, having closed the shutters previously. Billy pushed any furniture he could in front of the door. Still the incessant pounding and scratching at the doors and windows could be heard.

Root looked to each man, " This isn't going to work. There is no way that we are going to be able to keep them out of here forever. I still think that we have to make a break for it."

Reny looked at Root, wild-eyed and swore, " There is NO WAY that I will risk my family like that! Have you seen what these things do to people Sheriff?"

"Yes God Dammit! Why do you think we have to keep moving? These things will pick us apart one by one if we wait. Do you honestly think that this shit will keep them out?"

Billy tried to calm the two men down. "Look, no matter what we decide we have to prepare for the worst. I say we start getting supplies together and barricade ourselves upstairs. Those things will have to come up the stairs and we can pick them apart single file like. Worst case, we go out the upper balcony and across the roofs."

Root looked at Billy will a new found respect. "That's some good thinking Billy, what do you say Cargill?"

"I agree."

Reny called his wife downstairs and had her gather foodstuffs while Root and Cargill began loading ammunition and supplies into rucksacks. Reny even loaded several sticks of dynamite into a bag, "Just in case." Billy went back to barricading the front door when they heard the sound of cracking wood and the shattering of glass. Somehow, they had gotten inside.

End of Line.

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