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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Flash Fiction: The Darkest Dawn

Chapter 5

What I saw when I burst through my door caught me totally off guard. He was leaning against my counter top, reading a 3 day old newspaper. He wore loose fitting but neatly pressed black pants with a long sleeve black silk shirt. Around his shoulder was a heavy black cloak and silver silk scarf. His slick black hair starkly contrasted his pale white skin. He also had an assortment of rings on his fingers, different gemstones to channel his energy. From his black and silver walking stick, you could see his Aura radiate around him, the swirling blacks of Dark magic intertwined with the red of Evocation. You could also see the slightest traces of blue mixed in. He lowered his paper, black eyes staring a hole at the twin barrels pointed at him. He smiled, the long fangs of his Vampire heritage showing through.

" Not much of a way for a son to greet a Father is it Alex?"

I hadn't seen much of my father in my life. My mixed heritage hadn't exactly worked out the way he had planned, and for several reasons he hadn't done much for me after I was born. He had arranged for some education on my behalf, though only after my Mother had forged an Oath on her deathbed. One of his Lessers had taught me to control the Nightwalker side of my abilities, skills I could access after nightfall, after the False Dawn. He had also instructed me in the basics of magic use, though I hadn't much aptitude for that, even more so to his disappointment. My father was an Ancient, one of the original Vampires, he was both a powerful User and a powerful Nightwalker. A dangerous combination. Whatever Sebastian Devlin wanted, it wasn't gonna be good for me.

I lowered my guns and put them in my holsters. Shrugging another smoke out of my pack, I searched my pockets for a lighter.

"Christ, just what I fuckin' need. What I do this time Dad? Must be pretty bad for you to be up this far past your bedtime."

I knew my flippant attitude would piss him off, but I was to tired and sore for this shit. Between Able that the Were earlier, my luck was turning shittier by the minute.

He gave me a long cold stare before continuing. I could almost see the fire in his eyes.

" I come to you with a warning.....Son. Whatever game you are playing, you can't walk both sides of the fence forever. Whatever treaty had been written, what ever rules are in place, one day you are going to have to decide. The devil you know... or the devil you don't. Things will get worse, I have seen the signs. I could care less what side you choose, but other Walkers don't see it like I do. They think you could be dangerous. They think you could be the key, but I know. You aren't anything special. There are powers in your grasp you have never comprehended or controlled. Combined with your pathetic concern for the humans, you are nothing but a lost opportunity. Do as you will, but know this. One day you will choose, and others may not care for you as I."

He had said that last part with a smile, the kind that didn't touch his eyes. It was probably the most he had ever said to me at once and I wasn't sure how to react.

" Look here, you were the one who suggested me for this job in the first place. You were one of the ones who helped write the pact between the Fell and the Nightwalker tribes. Now your here telling me that it doesn't mean shit? You haven't given two fucks about me and now your here in my best interests? Pretty fucking convenient I'd say. Now unless you have any more fatherly fucking advice, I suggest you get the fuck out."

I actually saw flames leap from his eyes after that rant and wondered if maybe I had stepped too far. We locked eyes, neither flinching from the other. If I backed down now I would lose any advantage I may have had. To be honest, in a fair fight dear old Dad here should be able to roast me. But I've never been one for fighting fair. If it came down to it, I would have to Turn.

With a final flash of flame, he looked away. Folding the paper back onto the counter he gathered his staff. The energy around him flared as he touched it, a clear reminder to the kind of power he had.

" Take my advice for what you will. Things are about to get decidedly bad, and not just for the Norms. Fell and Nightwalker best be wary, and you most of all. For you will be caught in the middle. Your....heritage... makes you unique among the races. Many people will be after the power you possess, regardless of how much you control it. You have never Pledged, and though I doubt you will, you can still find a measure of protection, if you so desire."

As he headed for the door I wondered if this was a ploy. He had never shown any interest in me before, and now was openly offering a place in his House. Still, I knew in my heart what the answer was.

As he crossed the threshold, I told him the truth.

"You're wrong Dad, I did Pledge. I Pledged the day I took this job. I Pledged to the Norms you so despise. I Pledged to the ones who treated me more like family than you ever did."

He paused, standing still for a second. His energies, so bright a second ago, now shown with a bit more dull. "So be it."

As he entered the hall, he vanished in a puff of black smoke, transporting himself back home, no doubt to avoid the light of True Dawn, though his magic could probably withstand the effects on him.

I stood there, puffing away on my cigarette. My eyes felt heavy, and after finishing it, I headed to my bedroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I wondered just what the fuck I had gotten myself into.

End of Line.

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