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Monday, September 08, 2008


Hey all,

It took me several pass throughs to get this poem out and it's a far cry from what i originally planned. During the drive home from Flagstaff Sunday I had a ton of ideas for the poem that I couldn't write out as I was driving. I was excited to form them into a poem. When I set down to organize my thoughts on the poem this morning I had some trouble remembering everything I had written in my head.

I think ultimately I got the point across. I wanted the poem to have a chorus, like a song, and I think that worked. I feel pretty good about how it turned out, though I think had I been able to write it while driving it may have been stronger. I really wanted to write this poem to sort of help me combat some of the feelings I have been having.

Writing helps me organize my thought and gives me a tactile look at what I am feeling. Faded here was my attempt to organize my feelings of loneliness that I have had the last couple of days and try to vent it out. The poem is about not knowing how much you love someone until it's to late. About unrequited love and how it can hurt both people. Thanks for reading, and I will try to post a new chapter pf Flash Fiction tomorrow.


In the darkness you were beside me,

The cold deep night all around.

Your the only one who knew,

Took what was lost and made it found.

Can't tell what I am feeling,

My prayers for you so devout.

The world has slowed to a blur,

And that spark of light all washed out.

Faded away from you,

A love that I never knew.

Faded away from you,

Once full of color, now just blue.

With the passing of the days,

Each new hour hurts so much more.

Why did I let you leave?

I should have known what lied in store.

Wishing I could change the past,

Missing something I never had.

Lost before I ever got it,

Left so broken and sad.

Faded away from you,

It could have been so true.

Faded away from you,

This sorrow risen anew.

My eyes run dry from the past,

The tears have all been shed,

My life once full now forgotten,

Better to have been left for dead.

How I need you to realize,

The mistakes that I have made,

I would return what you once offered,

Instead of what I unknowingly forbade.

Faded away from you.

These feelings now so new.

Faded away from you.

I had once chance that I blew.

Dropped so many hints,

How could I have been so blind?

I didn't know what I had,

Until it left me behind.

Now you have moved far away,

And I sit all here all alone.

Cursing my foolish choices,

Though it's far to late to atone.

Faded away from you.

My repentance long overdue.

Faded away from you.

And you and I were through.

End of Line.

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