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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Chapter 30

The creatures had surged through the doors and walls of the general store, coming through faster than they could draw aim. Billy emptied his revolver into 2 of the beasts as Root and Reny each frantically loaded shells into their rifles.


It was to late though as the three men grew quickly cut off from the staircase. Reny let out a strangled roar and gave up loading his shells, swinging the rifle around like a club at anything that drew near. Billy tried to reload but there were too many creatures, far to close and he looked around for a weapon. The Sheriff held up his rifle and fired his remaining rounds, trying to clear a path to the stairs.

"I think this is our last stand Root."

The Sheriff looked around for an answer, but had none. Reny was still tearing into the creatures like a madman, you could see long cuts across his arms and back but he still swung with wild abandon. Yet just as all seemed lost, salvation arrived from upstairs.

Two loud gunshots erupted from the staircase as three creatures were cut apart by the fire of a scattergun. Then Elma appeared, rifle in hand firing at the creatures, Over her shoulder, Katee had dropped her sscattergun and pulled her old Navy revolver, squeezing careful shots at the monsters, Even Reny's young daughter Clair stood at the base of the stairs, holding ammunition.


Root reversed the grip on his rifle, brandishing it like Reny and cleared the way for Billy, who quickly grabbed Katee's scattergun and jammed two rounds into it. Drawing a dead, he cut down 2 creatures as a desperate Reny surged for the staircase. Elma, with a fierce look, dropped another two to allow Reny to dive into the staircase. Root and Billy grabbed him by the arms and drug him up the stairs, the girls in tow. Elma and Katee turned and headed up, but watched helplessly as Clair slipped and tumbled backwards, into the waiting mouths of the undead.

End of Line.

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