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Saturday, September 20, 2008

From the Sickbed

Hey all,

Sorry for the gap in posts the last few days, I am pretty sick. I started getting a sore throat on Thursday after a kind of long day at work. By the time I got to work Friday I was in bad shape. Working today didn't help much either.

I know its just a cold or mild flu, but I can't seem to shake the lethargy from my bones. I am tired, run down and just exhausted. I am hoping some good rest tonight and a short 2 hour work day tomorrow will allow me to rest up Sunday.

Besides that I am just at kind of an impasse in posts. I still have plenty of Flash Fiction to tell, but I didn't like to drop the same type of posts every time. I think I am going to try to work on a structure, so you always know when new posts are going to be up. I want to start new Dead Sun stories on Sundays, with new Darkest Dawn on Wednesdays. That way the posts in between those days can fill out the month. I am going to try to get a new Dead Sun tomorrow, but no guarantees. My main goal is to get healthy again, and a worse case scenario will start that next week.

Let's see how good I can do at keeping a regular schedule. Wish me luck (and maybe good health)!

End of Line.

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