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Monday, September 15, 2008


Hey all,

I added a new page element to the site, Ramblings. This element is a quick archive to many of the recurring topics of the blog. Quick access to Flash Fiction, including specific stories Like Under a Dead Sun or The Darkest Dawn. You can also pull up columns like The Word Balloon! or Movie Time: Rewind as well as archival movie reviews.

I took the time to add a label to most of my mainstays in the hopes that if you want you can go back and read full stories or access my poetry easier. It also helps me keep track of running story amounts. For instance I noticed that I skipped two chapters of Under a Dead Sun when I totaled them out, which I was really unhappy about. In order to make up for that I am going to extend the final arc by 5 more entries, targeting the final chapter at 35 instead of 30. One chapter I think i accidentally deleted, because I am missing the story where the zombies break into Reny's General Store. I'll start by making up the two I missed, which will run me to 30, then bring the series closed by stretching the original final 2 arcs out to three, and adding an unplanned prologue and epilogue.

It was weird going back and looking at some of the old posts and seeing the site evolve. I started out with really poor formatting and structure skills in terms of topics, often lumping what would be multiple entries into single dumps, usually very short. Movies reviews that only took up a paragraph, or telling some of my True Stories, but without the form I developed later. It was kind of nice to know that I have grown some.

I really feel positive about the direction of the site and hope you stick with me for more.

End of Line.

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