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Monday, September 22, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Chapter 29 (Part 2)

They had broken through the rear somehow. The beats came through in ones or twos, the splintered wood tearing into their decaying flesh, but they seemed not to care. Reny and Root each grabbed rifles and began unloading into the creatures, holding them back. Elma grabbed a rifle herself and headed up the stairs.

Billy grabbed the supplies and started up the stairs, seeing Katee waiting at the top, scattergun loaded and ready. That's when he heard the breaking of glass again over the sound of the gunshots. Looking back he could see more of them surging against the windows, having torn through the shutters.


Tossing the bags up the final few steps, Billy headed back down, drawing his gun. Root and Reny seemed to have the situation in hand, so Billy picked his shots carefully through the windows.


Reny pulled back, quickly reloading the cartridges into his rifle. Turning his head, he saw another arm burst through the front window.

"This shit is getting worse Root."

The Sheriff fired another round into the face of one of the creatures, only to watch two more take it's place. "We can't hold forever here boys."

Reny took aim through the window and fired again. "We hold out as long as we can!" Everyone we take out is one that can't hurt my family!"

The three stayed back to back, alternatively firing at the monsters, each creature that dropped drawing new ones in closer. The gunshots echoed off the walls, intertwined beside the sounds of spent shells hitting the floor. After a few minutes a new sound could be heard, the sound of the wood frames giving away, and the creatures surging through the door.

Billy's eyes widened. "Fuck me."

End of Line.

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