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Friday, September 12, 2008


Hey all,

Today is a milestone for posting, as it marks my 300th post on the blog. It seems like a long time ago that I was posting my 200th, but the truth is I have already surpassed my output from last year and it is only September. I should have at least 40 more more additional posts than I did in 2007.

I marked my 100th post with a poem, and I thought about whether to repeat that theme with this post. I skipped celebrating 200 with a poem and instead took several moments to reflect on the blogs goals and progress. I think 300 posts is an important milestone for me. It proves I haven't given up on my dream of writing. Though I really haven't broadened my sphere of readers, I at least know that I haven't quit. I'd like to think that I would keep writing even if it was only for me.

I went back and looked at the type of poem I wrote for 100, and I don't know if I can repeat that format. But I am going to do something I have vary rarely done in the past. Sit down to write a poem with no thought or precursor. Just the title and start writing from there. Hopefully I can find some measure of success, but even if I don't, you'll get whatever comes out.


I am writing this after turning out the poem below. The poem turned out to be kind of a celebratory review of my website, very different in theme from what I normally write. I am pretty happy with how it turned out and I think fit the point of marking a 300th post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Another word or turn of phrase,

Writing poems to fill my days.

On love and loss found common theme,

Poetry to fight my self-esteem.

Some were scribed in happy days,

To offset those darker ways.

More will come from topics unknown,

Words written from a heart alone.

Here a post, pop culture viewed,

Praise or scorn, my version skewed.

Typed short stories, some so true,

Others written in fiction's milieu.

Of topics varied whether pulp or truth,

Each new yarn holds my youth.

Of truest tales that happened then,

And more to come in future penned.

Wrote of films both young and old,

From comedies to adventures bold.

I spoke of actors from golden years,

Reviewed some films with rousing cheers.

Saw even more that left bad taste,

Features viewed that were a waste.

In movies I could find a world,

Where written word could come unfurled.

300 posts upon this blog,

A tiny element of a greater cog.

When options are plenty upon the 'Net,

Here's a world cast in my silhouette.

A place to which I can create,

Showcase my works both poor and great.

Writing my thoughts may be minor in scope,

But each new post bring my dreams hope.

End of line.

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eltoromuerto said...

I have to go on record here and tell you how impressed and proud I am with your work. The fact that you just keep with it is so very worth the praise. We both know people who can't stick with anything and just lay aside their hopes and dreams. Whether it's in writing, singing, dancing, drawing, or any form of self expression. It's so very admirable that you continue. You and I may never get a ton of traffic through our blogs, but that doesn't matter. You do this for you and you alone. I am really impressed with what you do here. I love the mix of topics. The stories and poems get better and better. And I am really pleased that at almost 20 years of friendship, you still can surprise and amaze me.
So congratulations on reaching 300 posts. And heres looking to 500 and then a 1000!
And I will read them all.