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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

When I Was Young

Hey all,

Here is a poem I wrote while I was supposed to be taking notes in a meeting. I think the lethargy and apathy of the moment definitely controlled the topic, but you can decide that. = ) I did try to vary the format a bit. Lately all of my poems have been two line consecutive rhymes, so it was definitely my goal to not repeat that pattern.

I also purposely reused two lines in the first and last stanza to try to add some cohesive bookends to the poem, only changing the rhyming pattern. Maybe not my strongest work but here it is anyway. Thanks for reading everyone.

When I Was Young

When I was young,

I had great dreams.

As years went by,

They pulled at seams.

Like grains of sand,

Though my fingers.

They've passed me on,

Only remembrance still lingers.

The foolishness of youth,

Holds much wonder.

Until the reality of life,

Crumbles all asunder.

Hope and chance,

Were once my favor.

Then reality arrives,

And in Keeping, savors.

Mounting bills,

My selfish debt,

Responsibilities at work,

So soon you forget.

Sacrifices are made,

No matter the cost.

The dreams I once had,

Were the first things I lost.

How I wanted to write,

Or somehow create,

'Till the oppression of life,

Overwhelmed my plate.

Attending more school,

To understand myself,

Of traveling the world,

Now placed on the shelf.

Promises made,

That I failed to keep.

So many regrets,

Broken promises un-reaped.

When I was young,

The future was so clear.

As the years pass by,

I became trapped by my fear.

End of Line.

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