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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Movie Review: Step Brothers

Hey all,

My room mate and I caught Step Brothers last night and I thought it was the funniest movie I have seen this year. I feel I should add a precursor to this statement with the fact that I just seem to dig any comedy with John C. Reilly. I couldn't really care whether or not Will Ferrell is in the film, it's Reilly that makes the movies for me.

Step Brothers stats the aforementioned Ferrell and Reilly as two 40 year old men who still live at home with their respective parents. Ferrell's mom and Reilly's dad meet each other at a medical conference and fall into love very fast. Upon their marriage, Ferrell and Reilly are forced to love together and share a room, Immediately hating the other for ruining the good thing they had before the marriage, the fight and prank one another until finally being unified by their mutual dislike of Ferrell's younger brother, the model son. Eventually the two man children overwhelm Reilly's dad, and forces them to try to become real adults.

This film is rife with typical Ferrell humor. If you have seen any of his other movies, Talledega Nights, Anchorman, or Reilly's Walk Hard, it's the usual affair. What works in this film is the incredible chemistry between Ferrell and Reilly. You genuinely feel how much fun these guys are having making the film, and the gross out humor and over the top antics kept me laughing.

The truth is that I want to see the film again. Both Walk Hard and Talledega Nights have become very quotable films around my friends and I and I know Step Brothers has several great quotes. My favorite parts of the film are Ferrell's younger brother's wife hilarious attraction to Reilly's character, and the great music video that the two brothers make.

Let's be honest, if you liked the movies I compared this to, then you won't regret it. If you don't, well it's more of the same. Personally I recommend this movie as the funniest film of the year, I think you should check it out.

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