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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thought Balloon!

Hey all,

I have been really enjoying writing my take on the Vampire / Demon genre that is so readily prevalent in today's sci-fi. I am not trying for anything especially new or dramatic with my sci-fi writing, part of it is my intent to really capture the feel of a guilty pleasure sci-fi romp. Nothing you have to work hard at to enjoy, but something I can have fun with while I am writing. Overall the books, whether Anne Rice or Stephanie Meyer, or Kim Harrison, all tend to follow the same line with different views on essentially the same story.

Personally I was aiming at a cross between Christopher Golden's Hellboy novels and Lillith Saintcrow's demon hunter books. Though certainly not as good as theirs. It is really just an excuse to write fun stories that I can share and continue what I hope is refining my craft and continuing my goal to write a little bit everyday.

At any rate over this month I will continue installments of The Darkest Dawn, as well as Under a Dead Sun. I like that each story has it's own manner, Dead Sun a disjointed tale meant to be read over different periods of time with different perspectives. That way you don't know what you are getting in each chapter. Then the straightforward Dawn. One is an experiment in storytelling practices, the other just an attempt to write fiction prose.

I want to reiterate that I know I am not writing anything grandiose, my stuffs more like to be found on the Sci-Fi channel than the local Cineplex. But that is okay with me. I love writing and words, and I want to write about the things that I want to read about. That is a big reason I attempt to dabble in different genres. Sci-fi and horror for fun, and the more personal stuff when I am feeling reflective.

My poetry and certain Flash Fiction are my attempt to define parts of myself that I can't express any other way. It is a chance to leave everything out there and see what happens.

Overall I just want to say thank you for continuing to read the blog and the stories (most likely all three of you!) and I will continue to do better.

End of Line.

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