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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Chapter 26

Billy watched as the creatures surged against the door. Katee and he barely made it inside the general store with the beasts at their heels. Root and the store's owner, Reny, barricaded the door with whatever they could find. Katee was sprawled on the floor in the back of the store, her hands propping herself up as she took great deep breathes, clearly winded and exhausted from their flight from the livery.

Billy looked at her, such resolve and spirit, and a sort of radiant beauty that still clung to her, despite the the dirt and tears and singes that adorned her well worn dress. He quickly boxed that thought away, and the thought of the kiss they had shared in the loft. This was not the time for daydreaming.

He picked himself up and helped Root and Reny finish barricading the door. After a few minutes, the doors and windows had been blocked as best they could, and the Sheriff looked to the three of them.

"We can't stay here for long. What ever the fuck those things are, this won't stop'em fer long."

Reny nodded in agreement. "We are gonna need a plan."

Katee had picked herself up and came to join them. She gathered the stary strands of her blond hair into a tighter ponytail and looked to the three of them.

Reny sighed. " I should check on my family. They will be worried."

As he headed up the back stairs, Katee close behind, Root looked at Billy.

"We only got once chance of getting out of this town. And all of us probably ain't gonna make it."

Billy grimaced and thought to himself. Somehow, being inside didn't seem like as much on an improvement as it did a few minutes ago.

End of Line.

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