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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Feel the Fall

Hey all,

Here is another poem I wrote after watching yesterdays movie. A very solitary experience that evoked some very solitary memories and thoughts. Thanks for reading.

Feel the Fall

Look above to the back lit night,

The dusty stars, faded bright.

So many lights that break the black,

Yet to far away, not coming back.

The sky's filled dark and all's bereft,

And 'lo a falling star that Heaven's wept.

Trailing orb burns a silver streak,

From inky depths, like souls so bleak.

To see the night through stars and moon,

The evening glow reflects in gloom.

And alone I sit in the cold deep dark,

As the flame of life turns softest spark.

Huddled tight, though no wind blows,

Against the hurt that life bestows.

Though dawn may break just hours away,

Nothing will change with the rise of day.

The sky may fill with light and cheer,

But sunny skies won't change what's here.

My heart still draped in darkest pall,

Struck down now I feel the fall.

A salty tear to match that crying star,

It's watery path forms a jagged scar.

Though not of flesh, it deeper lies,

And another day that slowly dies.

End of Line.

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