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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Assorted Nuts

Hey all,

I published my next of what I hope will be semi-ongoing flash fiction series. As Under a Dead Sun reaches toward the end, with what i am guessing is 5 to 6 or so more installments I wanted to gear up my next pulp serial. I have been reading alot of cheesy vampire demon hunter type books and thought it might be fun to take a "stab" at that genre.

Sort of ridiculous and fun, just a story, maybe a bit longer in format with a definite sense of order in the story telling. I am still going to try to end the tales on chapter like breaks, maybe relying a bit less on cliffhangers and more in terms of context and such. Anyway I hope it will be fun. Anytime you can write about monsters and vampires and the occult should allow for some fun pulp action.

I decided after Con to cut my other serial, Rocket Ted short. One, I read not one but two stories along the same lines as what I was going to do while surfing the Internet. I just didn't feel as if I could bring something original to the plot. The second is that honestly I lost direction with what I was going to do with the story. I didn't outline it well enough and I lost my way. I am thinking about doing smaller, more autobiographical bits as filler in the mean while.

Anyway, enjoy the new series, The Darkest Dawn. Let me know how you feel about it.

End of Line.

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