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Thursday, August 21, 2008

From Sleep Arised

Hey all,

I wrote this poem about a week ago. In continuing efforts to break up the cadence and style that most of my poems have slipped into, I went back to one of my older formats to try and start something different. Using a four set stanza, alternating rhyming patterns, and only three word sentences. I like the limitations of the three word sentence as it forces you to really be concise in format. With only three words per line you can't waste words.

Before in my three word poems I used the format to belay a sense of urgency or importance, this time the stanzas are meant to convey a feeling of awakening. Rising from the sluggish morning and not being at your full faculty. Defiantly a different topic than my usual fare.

To b honest I am not sure how good the poem is after re-reading it. I wrote it during a particularly mind numbing meeting at work. I haven't written a poem that has really made me happy with it in a while, but I hope that someone can find some measure of appreciation with it. Writing continues to be an important part of my everyday life, and I hope that each time I do so helps me get better. Whether in terms of creating quality work, or in at least recognizing when I don't. I would love to hear any feedback you may have, and as always thank you for reading.

From Sleep Arised

The recurring bleat,

This cursed alarm.

An endless repeat,

'Causes me harm.

A stifled yawn,

So bleary eyed.

Still not dawn,

From sleep arised.

Of sluggish moves,

And tired bones.

Yet waking proves,

The morning owns.

Dreamed of dreams,

Beneath my mind.

The color streams,

Now lost behind.

Rise from bed,

This gathered feat.

Sweet slumbers dead,

Left in defeat.

But Day breaks,

Apart the Night.

And morning takes,

Its waking delight.

A grudging give,

Starts my day.

Life to live,

My thoughts assuage.

So greeting Sun,

I welcome you.

'Till evenings fun,

Can rise anew.

End of Line.

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