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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Poetry: Bare to the Earth

Hey all,

Minor activity abounds here at the old blog. It feels like a very long time since I have posted but I am really trying to get back to writing with some regularity. I intend to dial into more of Under A Dead Sun very soon. I really want to finish this tale that I feel like I started so very long ago.

As to poetry, this is the first one I've written in a very long time. I wanted to take the sort of excuses and bullshit of life and strip it away, the same sense I am trying to apply to getting back into writing. Welcome back and enjoy.

Bare to the Earth

Hardened beats upon the petals blade,

The spine of rain sluices the glade.

Earthen grass of greenest flush,

'Neath waters hail of skyfall's rush.

Trees wain in windy frowns,

From the gale of heaven stormy downs.

I stand in the meadow of the deluge,

Awash in those thoughts I can't refuse.

I don't feel the cold or shivers of chill,

The water overflows, my vessels at fill.

The past and present, futures are told,

In this momentary storm, they come, unfold.

Niether wind nor weather can purchase a gain.

Nor will water's fall wash away the pain.

But torrents peal still in hammering blows,

Battering at the truth, as if it already knows.

Nature's attack is mirrored in soul,

Patience and time unending in their toll.

I spread my arms to welcome the sky,

It's thundering clouds and lightning's cry,

Cracking to earth in bolts of pure rage,

Shattering the illusions I've cast with age.

Left bare to the Earth, I lay unfurled.

A rebirth in the storm, newborn to the world.

End of Line.

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