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Monday, March 18, 2013

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun:Past Sins

Chapter 45

Ally's scream echoed in the small hotel lobby. It was him, the man who had taken everything from her. Her family, her life...gone. His blond hair and oily smile were locked into her brain, no amount of undead or death would scrub that image from her memory. She saw the strangers eyes light up when he saw her and he held his arms wide open in greeting.

"My my my.... If it isn't my lost little love. I seem to remember you and I missing an appointment earlier. You certainly must have been missing me ever so bad to come all this way for little ole me."

Ally's eyes went wide with fright and she clawed at the worn Colt still around her waist. the stranger thought was so fast, his hands a blur going to his own revolvers.

"Now now honey.... dead or alive, I'm going to take what I want. You couldn't do a damn thing before, and you'll not do a damn thing now."

"Van Cleft, get their guns."

"Aye Cody."

The one eyed man ripped the gun from her waist and pushed her back down into her seat.

"Now Padre, I'm not sure what relationship you have with my litttle bird here, but I'm not inclined to kill a man of the cloth, but do not mistake this as mercy. No, no... I'd as soon fill you full of lead as piss on your boots if you get in my way."

She watched as Van Cleft took Enrico's gun as Cody sauntered over to her. He shoved Enrico down to his chair and looked over his shoulder as Cody loomed large above, terror and memory flooding her. He smacked her hard across the face, splitting the scab on her lip. Ally looked back up at him, her eyes filled with tears and fresh blood trickled down her lip. She didn't make a sound though. She tried to steel herself for what she knew was coming.

Cody turned, flashing one of his Colts free and pointing it at Clement.

"Put the Padre here with the others Clem and then get yer fat ass on the wall."

He tossed the saddle bags he'd had slung over his shoulders to Van Cleft as he grabbed Ally by the hair, yanking it so hard she inadvertently let out a small shriek.

"Get the boat ready, the lassie and I have a date."

Fresh tears spilled from her eyes as Cody dragged her up the stairs.

End of Line.

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