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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Poetry: I Killed the World

Hey all,

I know, three poems in one month, rivaling my Flash Fiction output for once. At an rate my goal over the next 2 days before the end of the month is at least two more posts, the next chapter on Flash Fiction and my Movie Time Rewind segment for the month. I haven't been really consistent the past few months and I am hoping that after Comic Con next month I can post a bit more regularly.

Anyway onto the poem. Certainly returning to familiar territory this time. I was feeling a little down on myself this weekend and I plucked this out over the course of a few hours, tweaking it until I liked it better. I can certainly see the darker influence of the types of music I have been listening too lately in the poem. I tend to not listen to music as I write, I find it distracting, but I will listen to music before and between writing to stir the juices creatively. I don't like to listen to a lot of music though, just a few songs to set the mood. More than that and I feel it takes me out of the moment. I'm very much a believer in capturing the particular moment in a poem. If something takes to long or you have to try to hard, then you really aren't capturing what you are feeling at the time.

There are occasions where I will write something and work at it and realize it's not coming along. I may hang onto the general concept of the poem to re-attack it later, but rarely will I use, or re-use anything that I wrote during my first attempt. I know some writers do this during brainstorming sessions, where an idea may be good, just the timing for it isn't. I approach my poetry very much the same way. Oh well, enjoy the poem and feel free to leave any feedback, positive or negative. Thanks for reading!

I Killed the World

I never went back home,

Lost on the trails of life I roam.

So many years I spent alone,

Walked a million miles unknown,

Forlorn these many years,

I left a trail of tears.

And though you were not there,

It's like I felt your stare,

Gazing down upon my broken heart,

As I tore the damned piece apart.

God you died so long ago,

I just didn't know where to go.

Even when I close my eyes,

I remember all your cries.

If I could wipe the tears away,

Or even have just one more day,

To hold deep within my arms,

And buffet you from all that harms.

But in the end I lost control,

And there's nothing left to console.

Your smile was my only friend,

But here near the end,

The joy it brought has died,

No matter how hard I tried,

I can't pretend to care,

Just cast a gazeless stare.

And all I see is an endless night,

Forgotten and lost my will to fight.

For what we had has spoiled and curled,

Without your love I killed the world.

End of Line.

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