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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poetry: 600

Hey all,

600 posts! Wow. Hard to think that I would have stuck with this for so long but I am really happy that I did. I usually commemorate centennial posts with a numerically themed poem, so I continued tradition today. This poem took several days of brainstorming to find the central theme, the journey through life as well as a kind of homage to the journey of the blog, though the poem is a bit more of a forecast to the future. I really tried to change up the rhyming scheme and the pattern of the poem, work in a format that isn't my usual style which is always good. I tend to fall into the same patterns of rhyming couplets and 4 line stanzas, so I liked the 8-12-8 format of this one, even if it was a bit shorter. I tried to expand it but extra lines in the first 8 seemed redundant, and I thought that the three stages of life motif should stay, so short long short is essentially what I was aiming for.

Still I am very happy to be at this personal milestone for me. Hope you enjoy the poem, and hopefully I'll have a special piece of Flash Fiction up tomorrow. Thanks for reading and sticking around with me these past 600 posts.


Words or ways once laid blank.

My whole life an empty slate.

All the future so bright and gay,

Ready to challenge even fate.

The unknown future still ahead,

A journey towards the rising sun.

Looking to the far off beyond,

And all the things to be done.

The journey there seemed so long.

Each step one day towards the whole.

Some new task or tale to tell,

To bring me closer to my goal.

I met so many people on the way,

Enemies and lovers along the path.

Happy times that rang of cheer,

Broken hearts that earned me wrath.

Still did I walk the road,

With friends that lay close at hand,

Scribed my tales of joy and pain,

On a journey just to understand.

Though as the trail reaches its end,

With each passing tick of the clock,

I try to capture the thoughts I lost,

From the path of life I walked.

Whether 600 steps or one,

You're always wanting more,

The journeys what you really love,

It's so very hard to close the door.

End of Line.

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