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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FlashFiction: Addendum

Hey all,

I usually don't throw any pre-course up on my short stories, I like to let people make their own interpretation of the story, as opposed to my poetry, which I like to talk a little bit about in terms of what I was aiming for. Anyway last week I had some difficulty writing and this was a story I crafted after taking some notes during a bit of location writing. Occasionally I'll head out to a well traveled area and just sit and write, or take notes. After a suggestion from my good friend, I did this again in hopes of shaking off the writers block I had hit. This is a story I crafted after watching two people fight in a mall while pushing a kid in a stroller. I tried to make it my own, and you can certainly draw your own conclusions from the tale. It's a one off story, so this is the full tale. I'll be returning to regular Flash Fiction serials later in the week. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this more serious attempt at micro fiction.

End of Line.

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