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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Assorted Nuts

Happy September All!

I cannot believe that it is already September. The year is nearly over and I am not sure what I have really accomplished. There are still plenty of goals for me to work on as I gear up or another month of posting. While I will certainly be continuing with my Flash Fiction posts of Noir Story, I am going to start slipping in some other stories as well. I think starting next Wednesday I will be attempting to run two Flash Fiction posts a week, back like I use to do it. I have some ideas for what I am going to do, but nothing concrete that I am willing to commit to. I do know that you can expect the usual posts this month, as well as some new Di-Vinyl and a preview of the Fall TV line up as soon as I gather all the needed info.

I am also excited to try my hand at some poetry. I really didn't write anything after my travels of last month (which seem so long ago) so I am anxious to see if I can muster the creative juices to get a few more poems this month. I am only 3 away from my 100th poem so that is a really cool benchmark to shoot for in the coming month to month and a half.

That being said, I really just need to re-energize myself to have another month like the one I had in July. Getting good quality posts, and writing about good quality things. I know I will have one or two films to revue as well as some new info on my first foray into fantasy football. See you soon and thanks for sticking it out with me.

End of Line.

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