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Monday, August 03, 2009

Travel Blog: Chicago!

Hey all,

Typing this here from Chicago and I gotta say that the trip is the height of un-eventfulness. I am here for some advanced training for work and I arrived on Sunday. I got in early enough that I had plenty of time last night to troll around town. I am staying a couple of miles outside of Chicago in Oakbrook, home of the corporate office and a wonderful resort called the Lodge. I took their complimentary shuttle into town and walked around a huge mall last night and picked up some new reading material.

I had a nice meal at a place called Houlihans and had a great meal at a really inexpensive price. A huge Caesar salad, steak and baked potato, and bourbon pecan pie all for less than $15.00, it was great! I headed in early and surfed the web, catching an early bedtime for class.

Up early for class today and it was fun, if a little repetitive. I ordered some pizza and am chilling in my room right now. My room mate (assigned randomly by the hotel) is here with a huge group of people, like 9 total so they are out every night partying and that pretty much leaves me alone. My wok group in class is also a bit different. Three of the seven have actually done this class before and are simply here for a refresh, while two others are both from Boston and know each other. Another speaks primarily Spanish so that leaves little old me, but that's okay. So tonight I am content to hang around the room and watch a movie. I will be online tomorrow with a new poem, commencurating my 500th post! See you then!

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hey, this is Ben. I live in Chicago with nicollette. if you want to chill leave me your contact info here: