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Monday, April 27, 2009


Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop a quick blurb on last weeks new vinyl toy release, Tara McPherson's Gamma Mutant Space Friends from Kid Robot. As I have commented on in the past I have been really enjoying the urban art toy culture that has sprung up over the last several years. I suppose that it appeals to me on many levels. I love art and many of the pieces are designed by some really fabulous artists from around the world. It also works by appealing to my collector nature. Naturally I am a bit of a completist, when I get into something, I want to know all about it or collect all there is to it. It works mostly in comics for me, when I dive into a new series I work to get all the issues and stories that I am missing. As they come in a set usually 12 to 20 pieces large, generally I want to collect them all.

Possibly my favorite artist is Tara McPherson, a girl who started off making concert posters but who has exploded in the last 5 years both in the urban art scene and toy culture, as well as becoming a globally recognized painter. She launched her first toy line specifically made for her, where she had designed all the pieces and all the colors and they are great. She uses repeating symbols in her work and this is like some of her art has taken on 3 dimensions, bringing some of her more recognized characters to life.

I headed out this past Thursday to pick up some pieces and made a great dent in the collection. I got nearly the entire series plus the two color variants. I am only missing three that I am going to try to pick up individually online. A big thanks to Jason's girlfriend Autumn for hooking me up with perhaps the rarest one out of her pulls.

I posted some pics up of the pieces and I can't wait to catch Tara at this years Comic Con, she has a new art book out that I need to grab as well. I'll post again next month as a brand new Dunny series drops early in the month.

Thanks for reading!

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