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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Hey all, sorry about the consistent lateness in posting, but its been frustrating not being able to figure out exactly what's wrong with my PC. It just seems like one difficulty after another. I'm posting again from my roommates MAC. Anyway, lets get down to business.

Caught X-Men: The Last Stand and I have to say that I enjoyed the film. I don't think that it beats either of the first two installments, but I think it did all right considering the circumstances. While I enjoyed the focus on action, I feel they went for a quantity of characters over a quality of characters. I believe the key to developing X-Men movies is to introduce new characters to the audience while not losing focus on existing ones. Nightcrawler, Col. Stryker, and Deathstrike in X2 were developed nicely, while teasing characters like Kitty Pryde and Colossus for future use. I feel that they only really explored the Beast in X3, short changing Juggernaut and Angel. I also tend to agree with many critics calling out director Brett Ratner, as not really having a strong visual presence, but sustaining a big movie image with out giving it the substance. I do recommend that you catch the flick as Hugh Jackman and especially Sir Ian McKellen give stellar performances. McKellen's got some serious box office chops here. He is in way to many popular movies giving credibility to everything.

I also got Season 2 of the HBO series Deadwood, by far my favorite show on TV. I'm a sucker for a good western and as this second only all time to The Magnificent Seven. (I'm a sucker for a Steve McQueen flick... But that's a topic for later) Deadwood has some of the best writing in any series I have watched and, as I have raved before, chock full of all the things a growing boy should want: Sex, violence, and profanity, wrapped in an autuer shell of condensed story about real life in the old west. Please check it out.

I also just finished washing that toilet bowl of a broadcast the 2006 MTV movie awards. What's a steaming turd of self-indulgent poorly written fluff. I believe that I officially passed the barometer for being allowed to watch MTV 5 months early, as it is my belief that after 30, MTV no longer communicates to you on the level it should. Its wear you start to realize that music use to be better, and that most of those emo-ridden sea-hags on that show really just annoy you. When you think it sucks getting old, just watch half and hour of My Super Sweet Sixteen or Laguna Beach and you will realize that the days before TRl were better times.

End of Line.

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