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Friday, November 23, 2007

Water's Fall

Hey all,

I may post about Black Friday tomorrow, but frankly I am worn a bit to thin to dwell upon that some more. I did want to write another poem though. A bit more of a nature theme with some of the old concepts that tend to run into my poetry. Thanks for reading.

Water's Fall

Sound of rain against the glass,

Falling drops from cloud has pass.

Rivulets of water run the pane,

Spiraling down towards ledge drain.

Wash away the dust and grime,

The thunder rings it's echo's chime.

Wind does toss the drops about,

As lightning flashes brilliant, stout.

Umbrella's dot the streets below,

While people clutch coats to wind's blow.

The pelting drops a soothing noise,

A remembrance of all enjoys.

Out the door to see darkened clouds,

To gather under as the rain shrouds.

The cold wisp of chill about the air,

And the rain cascades upon my care.

Standing 'neath the water's fall,

Realizing that I feel so small.

End of Line.

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