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Friday, November 09, 2007

Postage Past Due

Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of new material so far this month, I am trying to get stuff ready at work to take another week of vacation before the holiday rush and there is a lot to do to get that ready. I also have been working towards getting 3 more managers in the store by the end of the month, which will help immensaly in my work load in the coming year.

There is a ton of stuff I want to update on this week, including another true story, in addition to the great one I have scheduled for Thanksgiving. I also want to try out posting some flash fiction, something I read about from Warren Ellis. Quick 3 to 5 paragraph stories told in a flash I think that will be fun.

Hopefully within the next two weeks I will be on my new PC. I am due a bonus check that is running slow and hopefully I got that cleared up. I'd like to be able to write in word and cut and paste suff in, as well as copy all of my poetry back to a harddrive. Currently I only have the archive online.

I have been working a more normal work scgedule this week, more 9 to 5's and I find that it is not as inducive to writeing as I would have hoped. I really enjoy these late night, early morning time slots to be alone with my thoughts and post. Be on the lookout, there is more to come!

End of Line.

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